MAINTAINED aims to restore pride and trust in the construction and maintenance sector by empowering landlords and property owners with a comprehensive and innovative property management solution. We enable effortless property management from anywhere in the world through our one-stop-shop company with in-house maintenance services, backed by cutting-edge video technology that offers real-time access to all maintenance works, including live-streamed repairs, video reports with multi-lingual subtitles, and time-stamped video footage to ensure full transparency and accountability in the repair process. Our goal is to deliver complete transparency and peace of mind to our clients.


Meet The Team


Ionut Marin

Ionut Marin, our Founder, is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in construction. He has been involved in the development of some of London's most luxurious properties, working with leading architects and engineers. Under his visionary leadership, our company has seen incredible expansion in just a few short years, expanding into two additional countries with plans to continue expanding in the future. Ionut's innovative and tech-driven approach to property management has revolutionized the industry, providing our clients with maximum efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction. In addition to this, Ionut is passionate about bringing back the pride in the maintenance and construction industry. He is dedicated to developing and implementing innovative solutions in the construction and maintenance sector, with the goal of setting new standards and creating a more sustainable and efficient industry. His vast experience, deep understanding of the market, and exceptional leadership skills have been critical to the success of our organization.